Pictures of the new shop in North Portland Kenton.

Hello Hello!

I has felt so good getting back to work! I hate to say that I have to leave again. We head back to the south on the 15th of Aug and will not be back most likely until December. I will let you know as soon as we are headed back and my books are open.

I hope everyone stays safe and sane out there.

I have been loving working out of my new shop. I want to share some pictures for those of you that have not had the chance to see it.
When you arrive just walk straight back to the yellow adu in back. You will see a MAGDolls sign on my door.

Thank you all for coming all the way out to Kenton to have your hair done by me. I know it is quite the commute for some of you and I really appreciate it.

MAGDolls Loves You!

Multnomah County Opening


I figured I would update everyone even tho I am still out of the shop until August 3rd. It is looking like Multnomah county opening has been pushed out an extra week. My books are open for prebooking. Remember, I will only be working out of my North Portland location for a while. Hopefully this will only be for a couple of months- the end of the year.
I miss you guys. Hope everyone is staying healthy and sane.

Thank you,
MAGDolls Loves You!

When will I be back in the shop?


This is a great question!
It has been a long 10 weeks. We still have no word on when Multnomah county will be applying for reopening. I have recently had to make some very tough decisions, but think they are for the best.
I gave my notice to Venus Allure last week. Hopefully this will only be temporary. I will keep you posted. I could no longer afford to pay rent without working and I didnt want to dig myself further into debt.
For now I will solely be working out of my north Portland shop in the Kenton neighborhood. If you need the address email me at or text me at (503)233-8875 and I will give you the directions. I will also be posting some pictures of my beautiful North Portland shop. Don’t worry I won’t make you bend over a kitchen sink for a shampoo. It is private, professional and separate from my home.

The other decision I had to make was to go on a road trip to AR with the family. Originally I was going to stay behind and work when given the go ahead, but as time passed I had to make a quick decision. I did not want to be stuck at home alone not knowing when I would be able to work again. I will be back by the end of July/first of August.

I know you have all been patiently waiting and I do apologize for any inconvenience.

I miss you all very much! Mostly I cannot wait to get back to work and to begin to put all of this behind us.

If anything changes I will send out another email and continue to post updates here on my shop blog.

Stay safe and well.

MAGDolls Loves You!
Michelle Love

Petition to open Oregon hair salons


I wanted to update everyone with this petition that was shared with me. Hopefully this means I will be able to safely get back to work soon. I am missing my job. I know all of you are getting more and more desperate for a haircut and or color. I have been unable to enjoy this involuntary vacation myself. It is one thing when planned to travel, but when forced to take a vacation with no end or pay, this stinks. I am hoping this article I have posted below is some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. Even though I have been enjoying being with the fam during this sunshiny spring weather we have been having. I have also been quite stressed. I didn’t plan for this. I am eager to get back to grooming and talking with all of my clients/friends. I miss you guys and I miss doing what I know best, hair. Here’s hoping for the best!

Hope you all are staying safe and sane out there. Can’t wait to see all of your home dye jobs and haircuts hahaha! 😉

Thank you for all of your kind texts and emails.

Michelle Love

MAGDolls Loves You!


North Portland Location


I hope everyone is keeping their sanity during our stay at home orders. I cannot wait for all of this to be over. I miss all of you! I love and miss my job!

As soon as I can open my books back up I will have three days available in SE at Venus Allure and two days or more open in North Portland. I will have the booking link added to my website soon.

Hang in there. We will get through this ❤

Thank you,

Michelle Love

MAGDolls Loves You!


Stay at home order


A stay at home order has been put into effect today. I will be cancelling all of my appointments for the next two weeks. I will keep you all posted as soon as I can begin booking appointments again. Thank you for all of your kind emails and text messages. I will be fine ❤

Please take care of yourselves and I will see you when this is all over. Stay well ❤

MAGDolls Loves You!



2020 Updates


I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe out there. It’s looking pretty iffy. If you need to cancel please feel free to do so. I plan to keep working for those that want to keep their appointments. Do not worry I will be working.

For those of you that wish to postpone your appointments, please let me know if you would like help rescheduling. You may call me and leave a voice mail or a text at (503)233-8875 you may also email me at

On a higher note, I am sure you all have received my email about the possibility of my SE location inside Venus Allure moving again. We had a group meeting last night and it has been decided that our shop owner will be renewing the lease for five more years! I am so excited and cannot wait to send out another email soon!

I also wanted to remind everyone about my shop number being linked to my phone. This will it make so much easier for you to get ahold of me and for myself to reply to your text messages if you prefer texting over calling.


MAGDolls Loves You!

New Location Update!



Updating everyone about the move. My first week was wonderful!

I am now officially running MAGDolls out of the new location at Venus Allure, 811 SE Belmont St.


All scheduling (Phone, Booking online) has stayed the same.


You can find my blog where I will be updating with pictures of the new space and any other news about the shop on my website at


We have free underground parking around back on SE 9th and three reserved spots out front labeled Venus Allure.


Look for me upstairs and feel free to come up and wait for your appointment. You are also welcome to hang out downstairs and explore the shop. Everyone is very sweet and excited to meet you. We offer a complementary glass of wine or beer so please don’t hesitate to enjoy.


Can’t wait to see you!



MAGDolls Loves You!


I’ve been contacted by a few of my long time clients expressing concern about my last email. MAGDolls will be operating out of Venus Allure as an independent contractor starting on May 1.

I will still be operating as MAGDolls/Michelle Love while providing the same services as before.

The move will open us up to additional services from the Salon/Day Spa. The new location should also have easier access to parking.

I greatly appreciated your love and support over the years and I believe this will be a positive move for all of us.

I am also going to be developing new services that I think will help improve MAGDolls.

You will still have access to for scheduling and the same shop number (503)233-8875.

Please reach out to me if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thank You,
MAGDolls Loves You!