June 27th-July 2nd

Sat June 27th, 9-1
Sun & Mon, Off
Tue June 30th, 9-2
Wed July 1st, 10-2
Thu July 2nd, on call/ 5-9
On call meaning they may call me in earlier if it picks up.
Thanks for checking! If u want to make sure im there just call the shop or email me. Xo!

Schedule update

So I was wrong my schedule is already looking a little different I have June 16th – June 26th so far
Tue June 16th, 9-5
Wed June 17th, 9-1
Thu June 18th, OFF
Fri June 19th, 9-2
Sat June 20th, 9-1
Sun June 21st, OFF
Mon June 22nd, OFF
Tue June 23rd, 9-2
Wed June 24th, 9-1
Thu June 25th, 9-2
Fri June 26th, OFF
So it looks like my new days off will be Sun, Mon, & Fri.
My shifts are looking 9-1 or 9-2
Thank you!
If theres any questions either email me at hoguemichelle@gmail.com or call Bishops NW at (503) 274~4100 🙂

My schedule

So sorry I haven’t been posting in a while.  My schedule has not changed the last few weeks and will not until the 27th. As soon as it does I will post an update for you.

Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!! 🙂