Today is the day to come out and play with MAGDolls and Timeless Tattoo!

“Good morning PDX!
I’ve got a feeling that it’s gonna be a wonderful day.
The sun in the sky has a smile on his face,
And he’s shining a salute to MAGDolls and Timeless.
Oh boy it’s swell to say,
Good morning PDX!
Good morning PDX!”
The weather forecast is showing a high of 74 today.
The sun will be beaming on our parking lot from 3-6:40ish
so bring your shades and sunscreen. Woot Woo, can’t wait!!!!! ♥

Is it tomorrow yet?! :D

Is it tomorrow yet??!!! BridgePort Beer+Voodoo Doughnuts+Sparkeys Bread Sticks = a gluten nightmare mwahahhaaah! We will be at the shop celebrating with Timeless Tattoo from 11am-10pm! Stop by say hi 😀 MAGDolls and Timeless Tattoo Loves You, OOOhh,OOOhh!!!!!
Voodoo Doughnuts and Starbucks coffee at 11, Sparkeys bread sticks at 4, and BridgePort’s Blue Heron and Hop czar all day yae!!!!! 😛

We hope to see you at our party!!

The flash sheet for $20 Tattoos on Sunday Aug 26th 12-5pm, cash only, walk in, first come first serve! Timeless Tattoo will take a pre payment and book you an appt if you can’t get in the day of for one! 😀 ♥! We will be here from 11am -10pm. Bring your ID’s if you plan on having some brewskies 😀 Finger foods will be around 3pmish xoxoxo!