It’s that time of year again!

Hello Everyone!

It’s that time again when MAGDolls and Timeless Tattoo celebrate our anniversaries and customer appreciation day. We’ll be getting down in the parking lot on Sunday Aug 4th from 11am-7pm and of course everyone’s invited to join us!

Since are taking over the parking lot for the party, we ask that you please park on the street. There should be many spots available all around the block especially on a Sunday.

This year we’re going to plan for the heat! We will have plastic pools, a DJ,lots of Beer (PBR) and non alcoholic beverages available in plastic tubs full of ice, BBQ, water balloons and finger painting. Oh Yaeyuh!

Hope to see you there!


Summer is here, don’t forget your bike locks!

Hello Everyone,

Woohoo Summer is here, Ow Ow!

I see lots of people commuting by bike. I love this, it’s great exorcise, there’s fresh air, save on pollution, nothing but good things.

I am going to pump up my tires and join everyone.

We just remodeled our shop in the beginning of June. We tried to find a spot on the wall where we could incorporate bike parking, but there just wasn’t any wall space left. So we are asking that you please remember to bring your bike locks and park your bikes outside.

There are two bike lock ups on the other end of the building by Kokiyo and there should be one or two coming soon on our end of the building. I called about 6 months ago and they put me on the waiting list which happened to be 6 months, so, anytime now. You could also lean your bike against our window outside. as long as someone is in the cutting room I don’t think anyone will run up and grab your bike. It’s possible, yet doubtful.

Thank you for understanding,

MAGDolls Loves You!!!!!


Schedulicity Updates


This has happened to me before. I had to write schedulicity after they did an update because nothing was working. They wrote me back to go into my history tool bar and delete the cookies and refresh.
That did the trick.
If you are having issues with schedulicity try this before you write them.
It will save you some headache and time.
Gah Technology!

Thank you,
MAGDolls Loves You!!!!!

Only one month left!

Holey cow time is flying by! We have one month left until our customer appreciation/ anniversary party being celebrated with Timeless Tattoo woohoo!!!!!! Were gonna take it back to the good ol days with kiddie pools, water grenades, Grillin hot dogs and veggie dogs, beers on ice, some boons berry farms, and some Dejaying!  Hope you all can join us on this special day 8-4-13 from 11-7pm! We Love You!!!!!

How to contact Nicole Bacon, dread lock and hair extension specialist

We have had a couple of people ask about dread locks and hair extensions.
This is a repost from Dec 2012 for those looking for dread locks and or hair extensions since we no longer have anyone at the shop who does them.

Hello all,

It has been a wonderful year and half working with Miss Bacon.
She is going to be moving to “Proper Salon” on 715 SE Grand Ave Portland, Oregon 97214

You can also contact her through her website at
We wish her nothing but the best in her new space! xoxoxoxxo!!!!!

Thank you all for your love and support
MAGDolls Loves You!!!!!