Our 5th anniversary party is almost here, woohoo!!!!!


We’re getting ready for our 5th annual shop party.

It’s just two weeks away eek! We hope to see you here! We will be celebrating here in the shop parking lot and there will be kiddy pools, food, beer, music, art, and ping pong!
Sunday Aug 3rd, from 4-10pm<3

MAGDolls Loves You!!!!!

It’s getting hot in here!

Black out shades to keep it cool mon!Hello,


We hope everyone is enjoying all this sunshine and heat! Some of you may have already been in and noticed how hot it can get in our single pain windowed, uninsulated, old building, (we pretty much don’t have a/c.) We apologize and will do what ever we can to keep you as cool as possible.
We offer ice cold water, otter pops, and beer. Just ask if the heat makes us forget to offer you one!:D

MAGDolls Loves You!!!!!

Happy July 4th!

We hope everyone is out enjoying the sunshine.
We will be closed today for all the fun festivities.

We would also like to welcome back Terra from maternity leave!
Terra will be back in the shop tomorrow and Kylie and Beth will be back on Sunday from 11-7pm.

Thank you,
MAGDolls Loves You!