Scheduling and canceling your appointments/ questions about services

Hello Everyone 🙂

It’s been super busy in the shop, Woohoo! 🙂 We are all enjoying this Thank You.

Tiffany Commander is heading back to AK from June 2nd-Sep 1st. Everyone else should still be around the shop. Terra Commander comes back from her leave, June 20th 2012!

If you need us to cancel your appointment and you leave  a voice mail asking us to do so, We will  go ahead and cancel it for you. You should receive an email confirming the cancellation just like when you book an appointment.

Sorry for the no call backs confirming appointments and cancellations. Its busy and we’re alone a lot so, to take 5-10 min for each phone call would take up most of our days.

If you are canceling 24 hrs in advance, you should be able to cancel online. If you dont have time or access to a computer, leave a voice mail and we will do it for you. You may not get a phone call confirming the cancellation, instead you should receive an email.

We love all your messages you type to us when you book your appointments, however if you have questions about services you don’t see listed on the menu write your question or call us and leave us a voice mail, but don’t assume we do / have extra time for anything you are unsure of.

Someone should call you back to answer your questions. Please don’t assume we provide a service you are not sure about.  Try to look around our blog here too, you may get your questions answered a lot faster.

The message space is not for people to add on services. There is a bundle category I have moved to the top of the menu.  We may already have appointments after your selected appointment. Nobody wants a rush job and we aren’t about to provide those in here.

Please select the proper services for which you are looking to have done. This will prevent any frustration on both ends.

All in all everything here is going swell! We all love our jobs, You guys are the best, and we couldn’t be happier with the direction things are headed 😀

Thank you for all your love and support,

MAGDolls Loves You!!!!!

Locks Of Love?

Hello All,

We have received a few phone calls and messages asking about free hair cuts for Locks Of Love?  We’re not quite sure where this is showing online, but we do not offer this service.

We apologize for any inconvenience / misunderstandings.

Hope everyone is enjoying this freakishly lovely hot spring! 😀


Thank you,

MAGDolls <3’s you!!!!!


Thank You All for all your support! 🙂 I love, love, love my job and plan on doing hair until I die or physically can’t any longer.
If for some reason you are having a hard time getting onto my schedule because I’m booked out too far for you, or I am taking some time off , I would trust  any of our other girls in the shop to do your hair. I have no problem with any of  them cutting / coloring  my hair. You shouldn’t have to wait around for me and there is always a next time!

Tiffany and Terra Commander are very similar to each other in how they do hair. Both of them specialize in Cuts and Colors. Terra also does Waxing. 🙂

So, If you are looking for a great hair do and were really  looking forward to seeing me, but cannot wait any longer, then give one of them a try. I’m sure you wont be sorry! 😀

Thank you,

MAGDolls Loves You!!!!!