Please watch your children at all times when in our shop


We love seeing your children and our future come in to say hello and watch you get your hair done.

Unfortunately our shop is not exactly childproof.
The product shelves have sharp glass corners that any running child could get severely injured on.
The shelves on the mirrors and bar top are unable to support the weight of a small child and the kiddos like to hang from them like monkey bars.
The salon chairs and colorful products may look like Merry-Go-Rounds and fun toys, but they’re not.
Our furniture will break, or even worse it could fall and hurt someone.

We totally understand that with any child’s imagination a salon would look like so much fun!

If they open a product, it’s yours and you’ll be expected to buy it.

Thank you for understanding your child’s safety is our number one concern.

MAGDolls Loves You and your Kids!

Snow :D!!!!!

Yae yae yeuh! Is it going to be another 2008?
Most of us will be here at the shop so no worries about your appointments.
If one of us cannot make it we will call you and try to reschedule you.
We are aware that not everyone is from a snowy place so if you think you wont be able to make it, just give us a call and leave a message saying so and we’ll go ahead and cancel/reschedule it for ya 503~233~8875.

Please drive safe!!
MAGDolls Loves You!!!!!


sno bike portland

Shop Updates!


Thanks to all of you it has been an awesome 2013. We cannot believe how fast it has flown by!
There have been some new changes here at the shop over the last couple of months.
We hired two new stylists, Kylie and Beth at the end of October and we are getting ready to bring on one more stylist in February.
This allows us more availability for walk ins with actual set business hours.
Starting on January 18th 2014 our new temp hours will be:

Sunday 11-7pm,
Monday 1-9pm,
& Tue-Wed from 2-9pm.

We will be adding more hours and days in February.

Thank you,
MAGDolls Loves You!!!!!