Winter Update 2020


I know I was planning to be back in town by Nov/Dec, but it is looking more like February or even as late as May/June before I come back to work in PDX. I apologize for any inconvenience. It has been a crazy year and everything is still way up in the air. As soon as I know what is going on for 2021 I will post updates. I will also continue to post blogs and send emails when I am back and working for those of you that still wish to visit me. I appreciate your patience and friendship.

For those of you who have been asking where you can go while I am out of town, I would recommend my old coworker Beth Meharry. She is super friendly and experienced.

Some of you have told me she is temporarily declining new clients, but I have since spoken with Beth and it has been confirmed that yes she is now taking on new clients, woohoo! Her website is posted below.

Another old coworker Terra Commander, has moved back into town from the Dalles and is currently working at Hair Method Studio. I have posted a link to their website below. She is great with lots of experience. Terra Commander

I know a lot of you love me because I listen to you. Don’t be afraid to tell the stylist (any stylist) exactly what you want. Use pictures and point out what you see in the pictures. Point out where you see the shortest layer, longest length, different shades in color, etc… This will help the stylist understand what you are envisioning. If they don’t seem interested then they probably aren’t the one for you. You can always schedule a consult with them first to feel them out.

I would trust my hair to both Beth and Terra. This is more for if you venture out on your own and are worried they may go to far. I also like to say “err on the side of shorter or longer” with cuts or darker or lighter with colors.

I hope this helps. I miss all of you and my job. I love what I do. I should have a consistent schedule to post by the end of January.

Thank you all so much for all of your love, loyalty and support.

MAGDolls Loves You!

Michelle Love