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We use and sell Kryolan Professional Make-Up

* The Works: After priming, foundation/tinted moisturizer, setter, blush, eyes, and lips, you get to take home your favorite item $20 or less.(Eye lashes are an additional charge.) $50

* Eyes Only: Eye makeup application using Kryolan eye shadows, eye liner, and primer (please bring in your favorite mascara). In the end you get to take home your favorite eye shadow $12 or less. $27

* Base Only: We will start with Kryolan HD Primer then we will use products that best suit your needs: Tinted moisturizer with a light mineral powder/Camouflage Creme and Fixing Powder, finished with a Blush. Take home your choice of blush $11 or less. $35

* Fake row lash application $15 (Lashes included)

* Fake individual eyelash application $20 (Lashes included)

Please come in with clean dry hair

* Beard trim: $10

* Bang trim: $8

* Neck trim: $8

* Do whatever the f@#% we want cut! O.O (We will not ask you what you want. This haircut is for the bold and brave. You could walk out of here with something as extreme as a half shaved head, designs, or something as simple and sweet as a bob. Please come in with clean dry hair, doesn’t include a shampoo. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it fun and stylish! $25

* Clipper Cut: $25
(Cut with shears usually used on top with clippers on the sides and back. Fade, usually your average guy cut. Shampoo/Rinse included just ask)

* Buzz: $20
(Clippers only,No Shears used, includes shampoo or rinse just ask)

* Trim (1″ straight off the bottom, no layers): $20

* Thick, Coarse, and or Curly Cut minus shampoo: $45

* Fine hair- Med thickness Cut minus shampoo: $35


* Olaplex Reparative Treatment: $40
What do you do when you have very damaged, over processed hair? We suggest doing the Olaplex Treatment. This is not a deep condition or a protein treatment. Olaplex Links Broken Disulphide Bonds which are broken through color, thermal, & mechanical styling

* Shampoo & Blow out: $25
(No cut just a shampoo and blow out)

* Style: $20+
(No cut just a shampoo, & blow out, and flat iron/ curling iron)


We use Pravana professional color

All final pricing may vary and will be determined during consultation.

*Tinted Shine/Clear Shine Treatment (For a shine, clear or tinted treatment. Gives hair a glossy smooth texture. Tinted treatment gives hair a kick of color with the shine smooth texture): $30+

* Roots Only (no foils, all over roots only):$55+

* All Over (no foils, all over only):$65+

* Partial Foil: High lights/low lights foiled from your ears to the top of your head. : $75+

* Full Foil: High lights/low lights foiled from top of the head to the bottom of your nape.: $105+

* Color Consult: First time in? Book this! This is usually for level 6 or darker hair wanting to lighten up to a level 9/10 or if you have an old home dye job on your hair and want to take it out. Also for double process bright “Specialty colors.” Quote during consult: $0

*Specialty Color: Is practically in the same category as corrective color because you are usually removing any existing pigment from the hair and applying a bright fun color like Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow, or Green… If no color removal is needed (you already have light enough hair) you would be considered an all over color: $65/hr

* Additional Colors: +$10
(For each extra color added to service)

* Toner: +$15

* Additional Length: +$10
(Every 4″ below earlobes)


Add On Services

*Add Olaplex Reparative Treatment To Any Cut: +$30

* Add Shampoo to any cut: +$10

* Add Any Cut to a color : +$15
MICRO BEAD Extensions

*Temporary individual extensions made with real hair. We do not do full heads,  Available colors: Blond, Pink, Purple, Blue, and Maroon. Let us know what colors you are hoping for so we can make sure we have it in stock!

$2.00 ea


* Brows: $9

* Upper Lip: $5

* Chin: $5

* Cheeks: $10

* Full Face: $20

Payment Exceptions
All Credit and Cash

Like yours, our time is precious to us.

Please be considerate when showing up late or canceling and give at least a 24 hour notice so we can get those spots filled.
If you scheduled online, please try to go back online and cancel your appointment if you can.
We make sure to space our appointments out so that we have enough time to consult and get to know you. That way we can do the best job possible on your hair.
If you are late it puts us behind our schedule and can make our whole day fall behind.
If you can do this for us, we will do the same for you!

Salon Policy

Thanks so much for reading and for being courteous,
MAGDolls love you!


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