Hello everyone!

First I wanna say thanks to everyone for coming in and giving MAGDolls some great company!

As a friendly reminder MAGDolls requires at least a 24 hr cancellation notice. This allows others a chance to get in.

You can find your hair stylists cell # and email under the contacts tab on MAGDolls.com or you can copy and paste


just give us a quick text, call, or email so we know to mark you off the books.

If we do not answer the shop phone, go ahead and leave us a message with your name and phone number and we will call u back asap!!!!!

Thank You!
MAGDolls Loves You! 😀

Groupon update!

I have to say that even tho today is only the second day of accepting Groupon vouchers here at MAGDolls, We are Loving all of the wonderful new people it has brought in so far 😀
Thanks for coming in and i hope it continues to be a pleasant experience for both us at MAGDolls and Groupon buyers 🙂
Oh and thank you sooo much for all of your patience with the booking appts before coming in!

MAGDolls Loves You!

Welcome Groupon!

We are very excited to meet all our new friends from Groupon! 🙂 This was our first Groupon feature so I imagine that the first 2-3 weeks will be a little crazy, but after we start to get into the grove of things it should all calm down.

All of us, Marissa Orta, Michelle Hogue, and Tiffany Commander will be participating in the Groupon deals.

You can go to our website http://www.magdolls.com and click under the contacts tab to get more of our contact information. You are welcome to text us or email us for appts.
Please make sure you are booking appts before you come in for a cut.

Thank you all for being patient with us 🙂