Petition to open Oregon hair salons


I wanted to update everyone with this petition that was shared with me. Hopefully this means I will be able to safely get back to work soon. I am missing my job. I know all of you are getting more and more desperate for a haircut and or color. I have been unable to enjoy this involuntary vacation myself. It is one thing when planned to travel, but when forced to take a vacation with no end or pay, this stinks. I am hoping this article I have posted below is some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. Even though I have been enjoying being with the fam during this sunshiny spring weather we have been having. I have also been quite stressed. I didn’t plan for this. I am eager to get back to grooming and talking with all of my clients/friends. I miss you guys and I miss doing what I know best, hair. Here’s hoping for the best!

Hope you all are staying safe and sane out there. Can’t wait to see all of your home dye jobs and haircuts hahaha! 😉

Thank you for all of your kind texts and emails.

Michelle Love

MAGDolls Loves You!


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