We’re blowin the f@#% up!


We would like to welcome Kylie Butler and Beth Rowley to MAGDolls!

They will be starting on Sunday Oct 20th.

Online/calling and booking is still the best way to guarantee a spot.

This means we will be open for walk ins Sunday-Monday from 11-7pm and Tuesday-Wednesday from 12-7pm.

Welcome aboard girls can’t wait to start working with you!


┬áp.s. Don’t forget to come out on Oct 19th to view the Monsters in the thrift shop art show at MAGDolls 1210 se 7th ave from 5pm-10pm.

Great art space or space for an online shop available next door.

Hello everyone!

If you are looking for a space to store all the books for your online book store or an in person library, art space, jewelry making space, etc…..
Brenda my shop neighbor has an upstairs area that is 525 sq ft and if you remove the walls to the little room in there that will make it 832 sq ft!
The cost is $500 a month.
Your co-tenant is a show room downstairs for Portland vintage plumbing. Here is a link to her Craigslist post.


Thank you!!

Keep the Resumes coming :)


We are so excited to call everyone and start booking for interviews!
We have received lots of resumes from so many talented sounding people.
I wanted keep everyone in the know. We haven’t forgotten or dismissed anyone, we are just combing through all the resumes and will be doing calls for interviews at the end of September / early October.

Thank you,