The New Year Is Coming!

Yae, Happy New Year Everyone!

We hope it to be everyone’s best year yet!

It is so nice to be working with two wonderful girls, Tiffany Commander and Nicole Bacon.
They bring a great vibe into the shop.
We are all still independent contractors so I changed up our hair cuts on our menu from short and long to fine and thick.

If you have very fine hair or very short hair (above the chin short) then usually with consulting, washing, drying, and cutting it takes a max of 30 min.
If you have coarse, thick, very curly hair, it can take a whole hour to cut, wash, and consult.
It’s the same with people that have longer hair, if it’s very fine and quick to dry, it can take 30 min max, if its coarse, thick, or super long, it can take a whole hour to do the works.

It will make it better for us timing wise by keeping us from having half hour breaks after each short haircut we do.
I like breaks, but not right after my first cut of the day. 🙂
Don’t get the wrong impression, we love talking with you.
Even with talking each others ears off and doing the works were done in 30.
It’ll also make more it clear as to which cut to pic.

I think everyone gets the point. I just didn’t want people to panic and think we are going to start rushing them out of our chairs.
We are still all about our customer service and providing the vibe of growth, love, and respect.

MAGDolls Loves You!