GPS and Online Scheduling

Hello everyone 😀

It seems to be that GPS is sending people in the wrong direction.
People are ending up on the SW side instead of the SE side of the river. Oops,
We are on the SE side of the river and on the S side of Burnside between Salmon and Main street. The two major roads around us are Bellmont and Hawthorn. We face the parking lot on SE 9th and Salmon street. Look for the big red and silver Activspace building. I moved the map to the front page of our website to try to help.
I hope this helps 🙂

For Schedulicity, I have had a couple people come in swearing they booked their appointments online and waited 3 weeks for their haircut only to find that they are no where to be found in the system 😦 If you do not receive an immediate e-mail confirming your appointment after you make one, then you are not booked. Yes our online booking system is working fine. Make sure to click book now after picking your appointment and time. If you did receive a confirmation e-mail and are not found in our system, forward it over to me and I’ll have them fix the problem stat!

I know what a pain! It happens. I just wanna try and help prevent any inconvenience for anyone. 😀

Thank you,

MAGDolls Loves You! <3<3<3<3<3

Hello All :D

Hello Everyone 😀

Thanks for your continued support! It’s been really busy in here. I am booked out a good 2 weeks and Tiffany is already becoming increasingly more booked and so is Terra! We would like to grow into our dream shop sometime in the near future, but for now, we only have our two chairs.

We’ve had a couple questions about our booking website and salon location. If you’re having a hard time finding combination services on our online scheduler, we have changed it so that the first category you’ll see will be “Bundle Services”, you’ll find a list of cut and color combos as well as cut and other combos. It’s all in the same category.

For your convenience, we are located in the very back of the building on the NW corner #126 will be numbered on the bottom of our garage. We face the parking lot on SE Salmon St.
Don’t mistake us for Royal Salon which is located in the front of the building. This will prevent them from having to point you in our direction (you know how awkward that might become) : ). At times, people were told that we are located by the dumpster, upstairs, or around the back “somewhere” (hehe). So yeah, facing SE Salmon st in the garages that look like they might be storage units 😉

Again, we are a very small shop. We only have what is available online for appointments. You can always leave a message or book your appointment and leave a note on it saying to call you if we get any sooner cancellations.

We understand that it might feel like it’s the end of the world if for some reason our schedules don’t line up. We’ll always try our best! I’m not trying to discourage any future new or repeat clientele. You are THE REASON why we are so successful : )!

We also totally understand if the wait is too much and you just need to get your hair done right away. We will still be here for you next time if you don’t fall in love with someone else before hand 🙂

Thanks everyone,

MAGDolls Loves You!!!!! 😀