MAGDolls 3rd anniversary party!

It’s on! We are teaming up with Timeless Tattoo for our anniversary parties!!
Timeless is turning 1 and we are turning 3 weeeee! When? On Sunday August 26th 11am- 10pmish.
Where? At our shop on 1210 SE 7th Ave and Timeless on 1218 SE 7th Ave.
Timeless Tattoo will be doing $20 banger tattoos from 12pm-4pm. It will be walk in only, first come first serve.
We will have beer, food, paint, and a DJ for some fun times wooohoo!!!!!
It is a luau theme so come in yer Hawaiian gear! The person most luaued up may win a prize 😀
Hope to see you there!
Here is a link to our anniversary celebration with timeless 😀

MAGDolls Loves You!

Where We will Be located Starting Tue July 17th??


Our new address is 1210 SE 7th Ave Portland OR 97214.
We will be all moved in by this Tuesday July 17th 2012 yey!!!!!
We are only moving one and half blocks west of our current location, staying between Salmon and Main st facing 7th ave in suit #1210.
In the strip will be a shop called Timeless Tattoo, Kokiyo Teriyaki , a merchant man, custom mattress maker, eat your heart out catering, and SGO Designer Glass.
The parking lot is first come first serve 😀 There will still be plenty of street parking too.
Please never mind our construction. It will be a few mos before we get it looking perfected 🙂

Thank you all for supporting us, being our friends, and being extremely patient with all the change 😀

MAGDolls Loves You!!!!!

Moving and temp payment options?

Hello 😀

We are so excited to be moving over to our new space!
1210 SE 7th Ave Portland OR 97214.

Unfortunately, I forgot to plan ahead for a few things. Like internet, our service might be down for 30 days. I am doing everything I can think of to keep this from happening including looking for a temp pay as you go internet provider.

Because of my lack of patience, we may be only accepting cash July 17th-Aug. This only effects Michelle Hogue and Marissa Orta. Terra Commander will still be able to accept credit for payment. Tiffany Commander is still out in AK and will not be back until September woohoo!

If possible please try and come with cash for Michelle and Marissa. I understand what a huge inconvenience this can be. It should hopefully only last from July 17th through mid month Aug. That should be more than enough time for Integra to get our internet T1 moved over to our new spot. They are working with us and going to try to have it up by Aug 2nd or sooner! 😀 Thank ya Integra!

I had no idea how hard it would be to move something that seemed so simple. I learned my lesson 🙂
I will keep you posted if I figure something out!

Thank you all for your patience,
MAGDolls Loves You!!!!!

About our move to 1210 SE 7th Ave

Hello everyone,

It looks like we are signing the lease Tomorrow at 1pm Woohoo!!!!!
This means we will be moving in early and opened at our new location on Tue July 17th!
It is going to be a little under construction because of the short notice but its alright, most of you are used to the constant change over at MAGDolls right? 😉
We are all so excited to be all moved in and have our own bathrooms and official space.
The parking lot is for all too, first come first serve yey!

Thank you,

MAGDolls Loves You!!!!!