How To Work the new Schedulicity

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Hello Everyone,

You may have noticed we book most of our appointments through schedulicity. This is the easiest way to book an appointment since we currently do not have a receptionist. We might have time for a walk in, but we can not promise we will always be available for one.
Our hours are: Sunday-Thu 11-7pm, Fri 10-6pm,and Saturday 10-6pm.

If you would like to call the shop to book an appointment, Jennifer our shop manager is usually near the phone and is here on Thu-Fri 9am-2pm and Sat 10-3 and Mon 11am-4pm
If nobody answers please leave us a message and someone will get back to you as soon as they are available.

There has been some confusion on how to book an appointment using schedulicity.
Some people are not sure whether or not they have actually booked their appointments, what date they booked for, or even what time their appointments are at, so I wanted walk all of you through it.

Not being a smart ass, I am going to explain it very literal step by step.

First click schedule now. Then click services next to overview on top.
Then you can either go to the right and select the desired category before you get overwhelmed with all our options, or scroll down through all the services.

Then you pick a service in the category you want.

On the right of each page the service is listed with a description of the service and a list of stylists that perform that service.

You click the stylist you want or no preference. Then it will show (example)
Buzz Cut 20 min Beth Rowley
Add another service or, pick date/time by her picture to move on.

If you are finished selecting services click Pick a date/time.
Then a calendar where you would select the day and date you want to come in pops up.
The available days and dates will be in blue. The Unavailable dates will be grey.
You can only click on the available dates.
By this time it should be pretty clear what day and date you are choosing to come in because you have to select it first.

There will also be an option write us a little a message. This is NOT where you request additional services. This space is only for added info.
Example: “Hi, I have very thick hair Hope you’re up for the chalenge!”
Not “Hi, I would like to add a cut to my color.”
If you would like to add onto your services it will give you options in the beginning to add up to 5 at once. This is to assure you we have the appropriate amount of time to perform all the requested services.

After you click on the date, you will see what times are available to the right in blue. You select the time you prefer. You will get a page with special product offers. You can select a product or just click “Book It” You must click book it or it will not be booked.
You then should see a preview that looks like,

Example Below:

wednesday, mar 18, 2015
12:00PM – 12:20PM (PDT)

Buzz Cut. Please read description – Beth Rowley

Conf #: HAJVWA

Last is a page where you can book another or cancel/rebook

After all that, you will receive an immediate email confirmation if you booked the appointment or canceled it.

If you call and leave a message for us to cancel for you, it’ll send you an email saying you canceled it after we do so.
You will also receive a reminder email the night before your appointment giving you plenty of time to do any last min cancellations/ rescheduling.

That’s pretty much it!
Shouldn’t be too much confusion. I know, I hate technology too, but as said before it’s how we book most of our appointments for now.

We are all super excited and thankful to be so booked out and to see all your happy faces when you come in on the right date and time, for the right service.

Please double check everything before you rearrange your day or drive all the way out from BFE to get your hair done. It makes us feel bad to see your disappointed faces after we tell you it was booked for a different time/date/not at all in the system. It also isn’t very fun to have the frustration taken out on us 😦

Thank you all for the Love and Support!!!!!

MAGDolls Really does appreciate all your Patience!!!!!

WE Love You Back!!!!! 🙂 <3<3<3<3<3

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